blink® contacts eye drop

blink® contacts eye drop


Dry eye can give you a feeling of overall dryness, irritation, itching, burning, excessive tearing or even gritty “foreign body” feeling in your eyes. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are not the only one. It is estimated that over 30 million peoples suffer from occasional or chronic dry-eye symptoms4.

Specifically, Blink® Tears Lubricating Eye Drops works with every blink to provide immediate and long-lasting dry eye symptom relief1-3. It has a unique formulation that maximizes hydration and restores tears’ natural salt balance better than other widely used brands - including Refresh® Optive Drops and Systane® Drops.

  • Product Name: Blink Eye Drop
  • Brand: Blink
  • Product Type: Special formula to relieve dry eyes
  • Replacement Schedule: Daily Usage
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Product Type

Special formula to relieve dry eyes

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