Enhance Your Color Contacts With These Eye Makeup Tips!

Makeup Tips for Hazel Color Contacts

For those with hazel eyes, you have two options. You can either play up the browns in your eyes or the greens!

Remember, brown eyes look best with blues, greens, golds and purples. Green eyes look fabulous with pinks and purples.

Makeup Tips for Violet Color Contacts

Violet is a form of purple. The complementary colors of purple are green, yellow, and orange. Once again, think of similar colors for yellow and orange since they may seem a bit harsh as eyeshadow.

When it comes to eyeliner, however, violet contacts need the bold definition. So, rather than go with the brown or blue, try a black eyeliner.

During the day, golds, browns, and greens will enhance your color. At night, try a smokey eye with violet contacts. Achieve this look with copper eyeshadow paired with black mascara and eyeliner.

Makeup Tips for Green Color Contacts

The opposite of green is pink, red and purple. Most people avoid red eye makeup to keep from looking tired or sick. However, pinks and purples look fantastic.

For the office, consider using a neutral shadow on your eyelids with some purple close to the eyeline. At night, create a stunning look with a deep purple or eggplant paired with charcoal.




Tips for Comfort While Wearing Makeup and Color Contacts

Although it’s safe to wear contacts with makeup on, there are a few things to keep in mind so they feel comfortable. Following these tips will also keep your vision clear and bright:

  • Always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses
  • Put on your contacts before applying makeup
  • Take out your contacts before removing your makeup
  • Use an eyeshadow primer so that eyeshadow doesn’t flake into your eyes
  • Choose cream eyeshadow when possible
  • When removing makeup, use oil-free products
  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly to keep bacteria from getting into your eye