The eyes are the most important and attractive facial features that humans have and you can further beautify this part of your face by wearing beautifully colored contact lenses during special occasions or for daily wear. Buy premium contact lenses at the best price from DrEye. You can buy colored and medical contact lenses from this e-store.

Those who are trying contact lenses for the first time may find wearing and removing the lenses a bit difficult. And so, if you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, here are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow.

Lets First Discuss the “Do’s” of Contact Lens Wearing

  • Do wash your hands thoroughly every time before touching your contact lenses.
  • Do clean your contact lenses with the lens care solution before and after wearing them.
  • Do clean the lens case from time to time to make sure that it is germ-free and clean enough to store the lenses.
  • Do replace your contact lenses in a timely manner to avoid any kind of eye infection.
  • Do visit your eye doctor from time to time for a thorough eye check-up even if you are not facing any issues.
  • Do soak your lenses in fresh lens solution after removing them. Always throw away the previously used solution in the case.
  • Do follow the lens caring instructions provided with the contact lenses and as suggested by your eye doctor.
  • Do opt for breathable contact lenses always, which allow the oxygen to reach the cornea and keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays.

 Now Let’s Discuss the “Don’ts” of Contact Lens Wearing

  • Don’t ever sleep with contact lenses in your eyes as it hinders the flow of oxygen to the eyes and may cause infections.
  • Don’t ever wear contact lenses past the time-period of their recommended usage. Don’t wear a single pair of lenses for a prolonged period of time. Monthly, weekly, and daily disposable lenses should be used accordingly.
  • Don’t ever buy medical contact lenses without an eye test. First, get your eye-power tested and then choose the corrective lenses accordingly.
  • Don’t take a shower or swim in the pool wearing contact lenses. Water should never come in contact with your lenses as it can lead to an eye infection.
  • Don’t apply eye makeup before inserting contact lenses as it may contaminate or damage the lenses.
  • Don’t ever wear contact lenses used by someone else.

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