The color of our eyes plays a vital role in beautifying the appearance of the eyes. Some people have naturally unique and attractive eye colors but those, who have the neutral shades of black or brown, desire to have more vibrant colors in their eyes. And to achieve this, what can be a better option than to wear colored contact lenses. If you want to shop for the best colored contact lenses online, you can buy Diva color contact lenses from the e-store of DrEye. The bestseller Diva lenses are available in 12 different beautiful natural colors that match with different skin tones and add femininity and elegance to your eyes.

Choosing Colored Contact Lenses Suiting Eye Colors, Skin Tones, and Hair Colors – a Complete Guide

Whether you want a bold or a subtle eye look, Diva color contact lenses can provide you the exact look you want. The natural eye color should always be embraced but, during special occasions or to have a different look, colored contact lenses can certainly be tried. To make the lenses look natural on the eyes, most colored contact lenses mimic the natural color and appearance of the iris. The center part of the lenses, which covers the pupil is always clear so that you can see through it. 

Colored Contact Lenses can be of Different Types – 

    • Visibility Tint – These lenses have very faint colors, usually light blue or green and these lenses do not bring much changes to the eye color.
    • Enhancement Tint – These colored lenses are solid-tinted and a bit darker than the visibility tint lenses. As the name suggests, these lenses enhance the natural eye color and either darken or lighten it. These colored lenses best suit people with naturally light-colored eyes by making their eye-color more intense.
    • Opaque Tint – These are non-transparent tinted lenses that change your eye color completely. These colored lenses are best suitable for people with naturally dark colored eyes. Opaque tints are available in a plethora of bright and intense colors like blue, green, violet, hazel, brown, grey, amethyst, and a lot more. 
    • Equinox Lenses or Circle Lenses – These colored lenses have a dark ring on the outer area around the iris that gives a dramatic look to the eyes. These lenses are best suitable for light eyes.
    • Sports-tinted or Custom-Tinted Lenses – As the name suggests, these colored lenses are mostly used by athletes to reduce glare and increase depth perception. These are used both as corrective and cosmetic lenses. 
    • Theatrical Lenses or Costume Lenses – These are a type of opaque lenses that are usually used to add special effects to the eyes. People wear such lenses during special occasions like Halloween to get cat eyes, snake eyes, or other wild and weird eye colors.

Choosing Colored Contact Lenses as per Eye Color

For Light Eyes

You can go for the enhancement tints to change your eye color in a subtle way. If your eye color is blue, then you can try gray or green colored lenses. 

For Dark Eyes

Opaque tints are the best for dark eyes. If you prefer natural shades, go for the honey brown or hazel color. And if you want a bold and dramatic effect, choose blue, green, or violet. 

 How to Select Contact Lens Colors that Complement the Skin Tone and Hair Color? 

Skin tones can be of three different types – warm, cool, and neutral. A warm skin tone has yellow, golden, or peach undertones, and a cool skin tone has pinkish, bluish, or reddish undertones.  A neutral skin tone is a mixture of both warm and cool skin tones. 

 If you have a cool skin tone, contact lenses of bright colors like purple, blue, grey, turquoise, aqua, amethyst, etc., will look good on you. For the fair complexion with cool undertones, warm-toned color lenses like brown or hazel is a good option. Warm skin toned people look good on hazel, honey, brown, and light blue colored contact lenses. Whereas, people with a neutral skin tone can choose lenses of almost any color! Most colors will suit them. 

You Should also Consider your Hair Color While Choosing Colored Contacts

For Medium Brown Hair

Almost every color will look good on your eyes! You can try both the subtle and vibrant colored lenses. Try the hazel color for the most natural look.

For Blonde or Light Hair 

Dark-colored lenses like chocolate, brown, honey, etc., go well with blonde or golden brown hair. Blue, green, or violet can also be tried for a more radiant look.

For Reddish Hair

People with reddish hair color look best in the green shades (dark and light) of contact lenses. 

For Black Hair

For a natural look, black-haired people should try lenses of brown shades and for a bold look, blue or purple-colored lenses are the best options.

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