1. March 10, 2020

    Enhance Your Color Contacts With These Eye Makeup Tips!

    Enhance Your Color Contacts With These Eye Makeup Tips!

    Makeup Tips for Hazel Color Contacts

    For those with hazel eyes, you have two options. You can either play up the browns in your eyes or the greens!

    Remember, brown eyes look best with blues, greens, golds and purples. Green eyes look fabulous with pinks and purples.

    Makeup Tips for Violet Color Contacts

    Violet is a form of purple. The complementary colors of purple are green, yellow, and orange. Once again, think of similar colors for yellow and orange since they may seem a bit harsh as eyeshadow.

    When it comes to eyeliner, however, violet contacts need the bold definition. So, rather than go with the brown or blue, try a black eyeliner.

    During the day, golds, browns, and

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  2. June 02, 2019

    5 steps to clean your lenses


    • Wash your hands so that you don't transfer dirt and germs to your eye. Try to avoid moisturizing soaps, as they are not good for contact lenses. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
    • Remove one lens and clean it with the recommended solution. Cleaning removes eye-produced buildup, cosmetics and other debris that impairs lens comfort.
    • Rinse the lens again to remove the loosened debris, making sure to take as long as the package directs: Rinsing is an important step.
    • Place the lens in your cleanlens case or lens holder and fill with fresh solution; don't "top off" your old solution. Disinfecting kills microorganisms on the lens. Disinfection time varies from product to product; check the package for details.
    • Repeat steps two through four for your other lens.


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